Student Job

What are the official documents needed to get a student’s job?

  • Tax number
  • SozialversicherungsausweisStudents need to approach their respective insurance agency (AOK, tk or DAK) and ask for SV Ausweis.
  • (Krankenverscicherung) Mitgliedbeschenigung
  • Immatriculation certificate
  • copy of birth certificate and wedding certificate, if married
  • current "Aufenthaltstitel"
  • + some forme to fill out ;)

How can I find a HiWi Job?

There are several ways of finding a HiWi job to earn some money, or even learn something useful:

  • The students council (farafin) has a mailing list you can subscribe to, and also posts open positions (not just HiWi) on the faculty website .
  • There are offers on the white-boards in the hallways, so go through the building with open eyes.
  • Some HiWi job offers are posted in the FIN or OVGU student facebook groups.
  • You can always ask a professor or assistant, if there are HiWi positions currently available.

How to find HiWi on campus?

E-mail a professor asking for a HiWi in your subject of interest with a brief report of your past experiences and skills involved which motivated you.

How to find an internship?

Finding an internship depends solely on students caliber. Internship is not mandatory for Masters students. Unless, your course has specific requirements. 

Can students do jobs while studying? 

Doing a job while studying at a university is normal in the western world. Here a student does a “student-job” or a “mini-job”, which could be anything, from selling newspapers to assisting a professor in his research. A student might work for a variety of reasons which include  - earn money, get introduced to the work culture, network, learn new skills. 

If yes, how much work can a student do? Where can I find the details?

In line with the German student visa, a student can work for 120 full days or 240 half days, except assisting a professor inside the university. 120 full days corresponds to (120 x 8=) 80 hours of work per month on an average if you work all the months of the year. However, student experiences suggest working for 40 hours in a month is enough to sustain in Magdeburg. You could find the regulations on the student visa, or on the additional sheet of your residence permit. 

How many kinds of student jobs are there? 

There are primarily four kinds of student jobs: 

  1. Tutoring jobs: 

After you’ve taken a course, you could apply to become a tutor. If selected, you’d be responsible to conduct exercise classes of a particular course. 

   2.HiWi jobs: 

You would be assisting a PhD scholar, a Professor or any faculty member in their project work. The responsibilities cover a wide range of work which includes doing literature review, maintaining websites, doing graphics work, preparing course material, to name a few. 

  3.Part time jobs in software companies: 

You could work as a student  in a software company. You could be responsible for development or testing or in certain cases, the entire product management. 

  4.Other student jobs: 

Can I do more than one job at a time? 

As long as it is within the legal permit, yes you can. 

Where can I get more information about student job openings / opportunities? 

The easiest ways of knowing about student jobs are the following: 

  1. Signing up for the FaRaFIN job newsletters

  2. Looking up on portals like Linkedin, Xing, Indeed.

  3. The faculty members that you can access are the best sources of information to tell you if they know of any student job opportunity.

How important is knowing German language in getting a student job? 

In case it is, it would be mentioned in the requirements. If it isn’t, then German language skills are not mandatory for the post. 

How can I approach a faculty for a job? 

You can write the professor or other faculty member an email. (In this animated video, you’d know how to approach a faculty at FIN, OVGU) 

How can I approach a job outside the university? 

Please keep your resume prepared and handy. Please write a cover letter specific to the company that you are applying to. Send the cover letter and the resume to the company you are applying to. In case you would need someone to review your cover letter and resume, feel free to contact a mentor

Is it necessary to have prior work experience to apply for a student job?

Unless the job advertisement explicitly asks for it, it is not required. There have been many examples of students who started their job without prior experience. 

Is there a resource where I can know about other student experiences? 

Anirban Saha (mentor; July 2018 - July 2021) has made a series of podcasts where you’ll find students of M.Sc. Digital Engineering and Data and Knowledge Engineering share their experience doing student jobs in and near Magdeburg. You can find it by clicking here

Can I get a job in the first semester itself?

In theory yes. But as mentors, we would suggest that you take courses at first and then apply for jobs at the end of the first semesters.

Additional tips:

  1. Please be patient. From your first interaction with the faculty/interviewer till you get a final response, it might take time. It is normal. 

  2. Often there are job opportunities advertised on applications like Uninow. Keep your options open. 

  3. Be open to feedback, often ask for feedback explicitly. Follow protocols. 

  4. Independent working is the key in the western world. The student is expected to work independently in their job roles. 

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