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The research profile of the Faculty of Computer Science is characterized by three core areas: image, knowledge and interaction. A wide variety of current research projects is comprehensive and can be assigned to the research focus of the University. The three core areas are also reflected in the associated Bachelor and Master study programs and the research colloquia for image, knowledge and interaction.

Research Focus - Image

The research focus image deals with the representation, analysis and communication of pictorial information. It mainly implies image understanding, modeling, image creation and visualization. Further information

Research Focus - Knowledge

Research work in the knowledge field deals with methodical and technological fundamentals of the acquisition, modeling and representation, management and processing of data, information and knowledge. Further information

Research Focus - Interaction

With research projects for Multimodality, Usability, User Experience, Security and Technology the research focus interaction addresses important challenges of modern human-computer interaction as well as the interaction of technical devices among each other. Further information



v9_en_all Pattern Recognition in Neuroscience Photo-realistic Rendering Bildverarbeitung und Bildverstehen Geometric Algorithm Engineering Scientific Visualization Simulation of Production Systems Databases and Information Systems Data & Knowledge Engineering Intelligent Systems Computer-supported Innovation Knowledge Discovery Digital Engineering Embedded Systems Very Large Business Applications Management-Informationsystems Knowledge-based Natural Language Processing Interactive Visualization for Medicine and Biology Empirical Software Engineering Grammatical Image Generation Safety Critical Systems Systems Engineering/ Software-intensive Systems Cooperating Mobile Systems Natural Human Computer Interaction Interaction Knowledge Image

The image shows the three research focuses and main topics of all work groups of the Faculty of Computer Science.

The image is also available as download (PDF)

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