Examination Board

The examination board is responsible for all things that concern the proper completion of studies, e.g.

  • Organization of exams
  • Compliance with the examination and study regulations,
  • Decision on interpretation questions in the application of the examination regulations.

The examination board is a body appointed by the Faculty and consists of seven members as follows:

  • four university teachers,
  • two scientific staff and
  • a student of the faculty.

The term of office of the members of the group of university professors and of the group of scientific staff is two years, the term of office of the student member is one year. The examination board is assigned an examination office to support its work.
The current members of the examination board:


Mossakowski, Till
Email: till.mossakowski@ovgu.de
Tel: 0391-67-54985
Raum: G29-006


Hausheer, David
Email: hausheer@ovgu.de
Tel: 0391 6758829
Raum: G29-326


Braune, Christian
Email: christian.braune@ovgu.de
Tel: 0391 67-52506
Raum: G29-208

Hansen, Christian
Email: christian.hansen@ovgu.de
Tel: 0391 67-52861

Krätzer, Christian
Email: christian.kraetzer@iti.cs.uni-magdeburg.de
Tel: 0391 67 54947
Raum: G29-131

Spiliopoulou, Myra
Email: myra@iti.cs.uni-magdeburg.de
Tel: 0391-67-58967
Raum: G29-135

stellv. Mitglieder

Lessig, Christian
Email: lessig@isg.cs.uni-magdeburg.de
Tel: 0391 67-52922
Raum: G29-215

Preim, Bernhard
Email: bernhard.preim@ovgu.de
Tel: 0391 67-58512
Raum: G29-211

Thiel, Marcus
Email: marcus.thiel@ovgu.de
Tel: 0391 67 58017
Raum: G29-115

Wilde, Thomas
Email: thomas@isg.cs.ovgu.de
Tel: 0391 67-57463
Raum: G29-209


Dowlatabadi, Sophia

Email: sophia.dowlatabadi@st.ovgu.de
Tel: 0391 67-51377
Raum: G29-103

stellv. Mitglieder

Tessarz, Jan

Email: jan.tessarz@farafin.de
Tel: 0391 67-51377
Raum: G29-103

Gehrke, Björn

Email: bjoern.gehrke@ovgu.de
Tel: 0391 67-51377
Raum: G29-103

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