Academic Club

Academic Club

The Academic Club is a student run initiative, headed by the faculty under Support Internationals at FIN, OvGU. The club would focus on Master Thesis and create various events and activities around it.

If you are an international student, we would encourage you to stay connected with the SI @ FIN Facebook Page and subscribe to the Messenger updates

The club currently has six working groups with twenty members currently working in it. The details of the working groups, the events and the members are given below:

If you want to contact us to become a member or to arrange a Master Tag, write an email to Temitope Ibidunni Akinloye!

Founding member; Currently Faculty Lead for Academic Club. Previously responsible for Interviews (1,2) and Master Thesis Portal.

Student Lead of Academic Club

Member of Activities Team

Member of  Events Team.

Member of Events Team

Team Lead of  Events Team 

Team Lead of the Communications Team.

Team Lead for Data Analysis Team.

Member of the Data Analysis Team.

Member of the Academic Club

Member of the Academic Club

Member of the Academic Club

  • Indrani Sarkar
  • Kenneth Okafor
  • Subhashree Mangaraj
  • Saijal Shahania
  • Yumna Iqbal
  • Anish Singh
  • Indranil Maji
  • Laique Abbas
  • Shipra Dureja
  • Mariam Riaz
  • Daman Walia
  • Priyanka Singh
  • Budhaditya Mukhopadhyay
  • Carl Stermann-Lücke
  • Oyewale Adedayo Oyelami
  • Madhu Kiran Reddy Thatikonda
  • Anirban Saha
  • Oliver Watson
  • Zeeshan Sheikh
  • Christian Wustru
  • Venkatesh Murugadas
  • Aman Kalra
  • Sidra Aziz
  • Ahmed Elkhouly
  • Fatima Idrees
  • Mayura Gurjar
  • Vikram Apilla
  • Ayushi Dani
  • Zohaib Sahid
  • Seyed Behnam Beladi
  • Stanley Umeh
  • Ritu Gahir
  • Diana Guzman

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